Tiramisu Oatmeal Stout


Tiramisu is a rich, creamy oatmeal stout infused with the indulgent charms of Mojo Coffee La Jacoba beans, Wellington Chocolate Factory Dominican Republic cacao nibs and Heilala Bourbon vanilla. Heading into winter and replacing our Black stout series of recent years, Tiramisu Oatmeal Stout is designed around its Italian dessert namesake. A 'pick me up' to get us through the winter months. For lovers of this venerable style, Tiramisu is bold, rich, warming and moreish - velvet on the palate! For those keen to dip their toes into the craft beer ocean, Tiramisu is a beer to warm the soul with rich coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavours.


Style: American Stout

Taste: Layers of semi sweet chocolate, espresso coffee and subtle sweet vanilla. Licorice, earthy finish.

Hops: Pacific Jade, Chinook, Amarillo.

Malt: Dark kilned and roasted malts & rolled oats.

Alcohol (ABV): 7%

Bitterness (IBU): 50

Try With: Big flavoured blue cheeses, chocolate and coffee desserts.

Availability: Seasonal release available on tap and in 500ml bottles.


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