Sauvinova - Starting the year with a bang

Posted on Wednesday 04/02/2015

Did y'hear that? Don't be alarmed. It's just the sound of our single hop pale ale, Sauvinova, kicking off our year with a bang.

The limited release beer, brewed exclusively for Liquorland, is available in Liquorland stores nationwide (in six packs and rigger fills) , and will also be available on tap in craft beer bars around the country from today.

Sauvinova is a single hop pale ale which celebrates the tropical gooseberry hit of the Nelson Sauvin hop's Sauvignon Blanc namesake. Having found Kiwis to be somewhat notorious for developing an enthusiasm for local commodities only after a thumbs up from the more discerning parts of the world, we wanted to shine the light on this stellar little NZ hop, which is making a name for itself as a new world variety. After all, Tuatara and Sauvin were released into the world at about the same time, so we know them from back in the day.

It also helps that Carl Vasta is quite partial to a single hop beer, and was itching to brew one.

"At 5.2% ABV, Sauvinova is a nice, approachable strength, and not too overly bitter – balanced enough for those starting to experiment with craft beers, but with a good amount of hop character and grunty enough to keep the hop heads happy.

"It's got a good, full malt body copiously hopped with that Nelson Sauvin displaying those fresh, tropical gooseberry, pineapple and grapefruit flavours.

"We have a really great working relationship with the Liquorland team, and when you have like-minds getting around the table, a collaboration was something that just naturally came about," says Carl.

The Liquorland guys, Mark Satherley (Manager, LL Miramar), Fraser Davidson (Manager LL, Porirua) and Shane Elers (Regional Operations Manager) popped up the coast and into the brewery to lay down the brew at the end of last year.

Mark said the brewery team really made them roll up their sleeves and get involved with the whole process from start to finish (including cleaning the mash tin and trying hop syrup; re: syrup, Mark says don't do it).

"It was really awesome to muck in and get amongst the whole brewing process, going step-by step through the science of it, and chat about it with the brewers as we went along, and it really got us acquainted with the brew.

"The collaboration between us and Tuatara is really a perfect fit and they've made us the perfect beer to sell.

"I actually put it on tap yesterday. It's so good, I couldn't help myself."


Sauvinova is available on tap and in six packs (330ml bottles) in Liquorland stores nationwide.

Check out where to find Sauvinova on tap, along with tasting notes and pairings.

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