A Rogue Tuatara Walks Into a Bar...

We are very excited to announce that we are now official importers and distributors of Rogue Ales from Newport, Oregon, USA.

Much like Wellington's craft scene, Oregon is considered by many to be the Craft Capital [State] of the US. This is not necessarily due to their large volume of craft brewing output, but moreso because of local appreciation and dedication to the product by everyone from brewers, to retailers, to drinkers.

Rogue was founded in 1988, which incidentally now signifies their 25th birthday. This interesting infographic summarises these 25 years. Over thier quarter century of business, Rogue has developed a fantastic range of beers, many of which we are now importing. Rogue have also in more recent years come to be known as a pioneer brewer of "experimental" styles of beer; some might say they have directly provided inspiration for many of our younger local breweries to create some very interesting and wacky brews. Rogue's untraditional offerings include beers infused with chipotle, chocolate, bacon and maple syrup, and even beard hair. Yes, you read that correctly. Perhaps our head brewer Rick will be inspired after tasting a few?

We are one of only two New Zealand based companies to have an official trade agreement with Rogue to import the beer, the other being Hashigo Zake's Cult Beer Store.

Not only are we importing bottles of Rogue, but also kegs. Because of the obvious overhead of sending metal kegs to-and-fro, Rogue are supplying us in very cool disposable 30L kegs called KeyKegs. These kegs are vaccum sealed and 100% lightproof to provide a hospitable environment for the brews to travel in and be served from.

We currently have the following Rogue brews in stock:

Dead Guy Ale
Brutal IPA
Chipotle Ale
St Rogue Dry Hopped Red
Hazlenut Brown Nectar
Chocolate Stout
Mocha Porter
XS Imperial IPA
XS Dead Guy Ale

And will be offering these beauties too from mid-December onward:

Rogue Farms OREgasmic Ale
Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch
VooDoo Doughnut: Bacon Maple Ale
VooDoo Doughnut: Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Ale
Yellow Snow IPA
Morimoto Soba Ale
Cap’n Sig's Northwestern Ale

We will be using our existing Tuatara sales platform and nationwide team to get this fantastic import into as many bars and stores as we can. Our obvious passion for true craft beer, our first-hand understanding of how breweries want to export their product, the large volume we can import, our strong existing distribution lines, and the prescence of local Tuatara sales representatives across NZ, means we are the perfect company to help Rogue Ales reach the distribution it deserves around our crafty nation. This large scale plan also means we are able to offer the product at a very affordable price point for retailers and consumers. Rogue beers are already in Malthouse and Fork & Brewer in Wellington, New World Wellington City, and stock is being sent out to a chain of several prominent off licence stores as I write.

If you are a retailer and are interested in stocking Rogue Ales you will need to set up an account with us, as we are currently only supplying directly, i.e. not via our usual third party distributors. You can contact 0508 TUATARA to organise this. Many Wellington based Tuatara customers will already have accounts with us. You can also ask your local Tuatara sales rep about Rogue Ales next time they pop in for a visit, and get them to place an order for you.

Rogue Ales lineup at Malthouse

On the shelf at New World Wellington City

The Team at Tuatara

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