The third beer to feature in our final Switch Six series for the year is an English IPA. One of the original Old World ales, the India Pale Ale is positively primeval. Much like our native namesake, the IPA has continually evolved to endure for over two centuries. Honouring beer alchemists of old, we haven’t strayed far from tradition. With a lavish malt sweetness, this liberally hopped ale delivers the delicious herb and floral flavours of the Old World. A truly ‘original’ brew.   

The Tuatara Switch Six is one constant box with ever changing brews inside, here for a limited time, made by brewers with short attention spans and limitless imaginations.

Look: Deep amber

Aroma: Herb, citrus, rosewater, toasted caramel

Taste: Orange zest, cedar and fruit cake flavours with a full bodied crystal malt sweetness

Hops: Showcasing Old World English hops

Malts: Light/medium crystal

Alcohol (ABV): 5.5%

Bitterness (IBU): 50

Try it with: A (3am) lamb kebab

Available: Tap, Switch Six pack

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