Belgian Tripel

A religious experience

Originally brewed by monks fleeing the French Revolution, this classic Belgian beer sparked its own revolution when Carl Vasta first introduced it in 2001 to an unsuspecting public who weren’t ready for its sensory onslaught. Thank God he didn’t ditch the recipe, as this strong golden ale with notes of clove and orange now has a beloved place in the Tuatara line-up.

Taste: Complex, nice sweetness, spicy phenolics of clove and orange.

Look: Pale golden amber

Aroma: Orange & spice

Try With: Smoked salmon

Hops: Goldings, Pacific Gold.

Malt: NZ Lager, NZ Ale

Alcohol (ABV): 8.5%

Bitterness (IBU): 25

Available: Tap, 500ml

Awards Won:

Dish Award
2014 Australian International Beer Awards - Belgium, French Style Ale – Bronze
2013 Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards – Silver